Shining Mountains
A Subsidiary of Aspen Reflections, Inc.

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About Us
Aspen Reflections, Inc. is located at the foot of Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs, Co. Originally founded as a web design firm, we have since grown into several specialty niches.
  • Our primary focus is internet marketing where we locate suitable vendors and provide web-based marketing through the parent company.
  • As a result of our work in web-based design, we have also become a Microsoft© Partner. Through this partnership we can provide the highest in quality software and customized installation.
  • Through Chinook Consulting, we provide contract project management services. All of our project managers hold PMP certification through the Project Management Institute.
  • Our smallest division, Aspen Reflections Automotive Restoration, came about because of a passion of our founders and specializes in automotive restoration.
Company History
Aspen Reflections, Inc. was founded as a Colorado corporation in 1999. Through growth and expansion, we have formed several subsidiaries that allow each to focus on their individual expertise which operating under the corporate umbrella.
Future Plans
Since our primary focus is Internet Marketing, we will continue to pursue opportunities in securing world-class products for retail sale to individuals and corporations.